Our Mission Statement

Artists for Life, a project of Cherish Life Ministries, promotes a culture of life celebrating art in its many forms. We believe as God’s children we are His masterpieces, created with love, in His image. We are global in our vision but local in our actions. We seek to encourage art that is good, true and beautiful.

Artists for Life is also the primary revenue stream for the non-profit corporation, Cherish Life Ministries.  CLM helps church congregations and leadership get more involved in the life issues. When we speak with pastors and congregations, we never talk to them about money. We believe churches are struggling for money enough as it is. As a money-neutral project, CLM is better able to communicate effectively with the churches.  Donated and AFL generated funds support both Cherish Life Ministries and Artists for Life.

Artist for Life seeks to have impact in two directions.

1) Culture

…by promoting art that is authentic and consistent with a Christian worldview. Historically, ideas have consequences, and through art, shape our culture. We wish to harness the power of art to communicate ideas and emotions, that life has purpose, and to uphold universal truths. We are intentionally pro-life and seek ways to support and protect the unborn, the aged, the disabled, and human rights both globally and locally.

2) Artists

· supporting and encouraging them in their calling as artists and men and women of faith

· providing opportunities for collaboration and networking

· promoting their creations

· providing education and resources on life issues

· provide opportunities to serve God and the defenseless

Ashburn, Virginia 12/12/12

We are God’s workmanship created by Christ Jesus to do good works,

which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10