Riverhorse Entertainment Ltd is an Irish company owned by Peter Mackenzie and his wife Sally. Incorporated in 1990, it owns 10 fully developed projects (seven feature movies and three stage musicals) and the company recently co-produced the movie Doonby with an American company based in Texas.

Peter has written including the spooky paranormal thriller The Wedding Present set in New Orleans in the genre of White Noise, The Ring and The Others. Finklestein’s Miracle is a hilarious comedy about the director of schlock B movies who winds up producing a film about the Bible on a budget of twenty grand in a small, redneck but conservatively Christian Southern town, with very uplifting results. A third project South of Memphis is an atmospheric preacher movie set in 1960s Louisiana. These three are slated for production over the next three years, all with a blend of mainstream and family value appeal and that is where the company sees its compelling niche.

Other Riverhorse Entertainment projects include the biopic C’mon Everybody – The Eddie Cochran Story. Peter has also completed a script for the stage musical for this life story. The 21 year old Cochran who hailed from Albert Lea Minnesota, was a pivotal influence on 20th century popular music. He had a huge influence on the The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix among others before being killed in a car crash in England after a ground breaking UK tour that lasted just six weeks.

Peter has also completed shooting of two documentaries on the lives of these icons Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. His interviewees include Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Tim Rice, PJ Proby, Sir Tom Jones, Big Jim Sullivan, Gerry Marsden, Joe Brown, the late Dave Dee, the original Blue Caps and the original Bill Haley’s Comets, Tommy Sands and many others, including surviving members of the Cochran and Craddock (Vincent) families.

Apart from the above, Peter is currently working with a group that includes Brian Johnson, megastar lead singer of AC/DC and top writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. They have completed a wonderful libretto for a stage musical called Face of a Woman, based on the story of Helen of Troy and Peter is on board to co-produce the show and the movie that will star Malcolm McDowell.

August 2013

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