Our Leadership Team


ReneePillorRenee Pillor  Co-Founder of AFL and Vice-President of Cherish Life Ministries

Born in Toronto, Canada, Renee was raised in Carmel, CA, upstate NY and Winter Park, FL.  Renee studied at the Physicians Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging and became licensed and Board Certified.  She practiced in hospitals and private imaging centers in NY, MD and VA. Renee also studied communications at the University of Maryland.

Since Renee has family in Europe and throughout the U.S. she also began working for a major airline becoming an international flight attendant and qualified German speaker. Renee recently retired after many years of service.

Married over 30 years to her husband, David, Renee’s family grew to include five children and a growing number of grandchildren. As her children grew older she began working with several pro-life groups including Pro-life UnityCherish Life MinistriesA Best Choice Mobile Ultrasound and Concerned Women for America.

Renee is also a prolife reporter and speaker. She has reported from grassroots demonstrations at the US Capital in Washington DC, as well political conventions. Through the years Renee has interviewed congressmen, senators and presidential candidates.

Believing that, it only takes good people doing nothing, for evil to advance, Renee is working together with like minded individuals to make a difference. With the help of God, science, and artists, we are rapidly advancing a true culture of Life…for ALL.


 cof_wtreeCatherine Obreza Fetterman    Co-Founder of AFL and Artist Liaison

Catherine  is an accomplished artist, teacher and entrepreneur with a strong desire to bless others through art by lifting hearts towards God and reminding them of His love and mercy.  Prior to helping launch Artists for Life, Catherine founded and coordinated a regional network of Christian artist fellowship groups to provide prayerful encouragement, sharing, and collaboration among Catholic and Protestant artists of all creative disciplines to include painters, dancers, actors, musicians, designers and writers.

As a Certified MnemeTherapist with the Art Without Boundaries Association, Catherine is among a growing number of artists in the United States that are specially trained to provide an art-based brain therapy for individuals with autism, dementia and other disorders of the brain caused by illness or injury.

Catherine studied art and French at the Institut d’Art et d’Archéologie in Paris, France, and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Smith College, and a Master’s degreee from Middlebury College. She is the first Certified MnemeTherapist in Virginia.


DSCN0878Kalila Warner   Co-Founder of AFL

Kalila, wife of Michael, and the mother of two precious little girls had a passion for the arts at a very young age. With a love for music, Kalila took piano and dance lessons throughout her school years, and continues to play the piano. She also has a flair for photography and has enjoyed taking pictures for years. She worked on graphic arts and photo touch-ups for a local photographer prior to her marriage.

Kalila has always believed in the sanctity of life, attending pro-life events and activities to take a stand. Having her own two little ones has made her even more determined to be a voice for the defenseless. She is bringing that awareness into her church and starting a Cherish Life Ministries Chapter.

Combined with her love of music and the arts, along with her desire to defend the defenseless, Artists for Life was a natural fit. Kalila believes that artists have a passion for life, the beauty of creation, and a desire to protect, embrace, and depict life. She loves the idea of artists using their talents and gifts to bring awareness of and a voice to the ultimate in creation – our little babies in their mother’s wombs.


IMG_7149PeterShinnHeadShot2Peter Shinn  Founder of AFL

Peter is the founder and President of Pro-Life Unity and Director of Cherish Life Ministries.  He is also the founder of ProLifeNews.tv, Artists for Life and founding technical director of National Pro-Life Radio.

At the center of Peter’s projects are Pro- Life Unity and Cherish Life Ministries. Through these efforts he is working on bringing together Pro-Life people from around the world in order to accomplish extreme goals for extreme times, such as ending abortion and human killing research and helping everyone understand the issues of life better so that we may all end abortion and human killing research. The many methods utilized include reaching out to the church using door-to-door campaigns, common terminology, technology, promoting Pro-Life events, encouraging every Pro-Life person to participate in a Monthly Call for Life, uniting core groups of Pro-Life entities and establishing standards, such as an agreed upon set of Life Principles.

Peter has been a photographer ever since he was a child and has thousands of photographs from around the world.  He came up with the idea of Artists for Life to help get artists to get more involved in the pro-life movement, and to help promote pro-life artists.