Kalila Warner

Kalila Warner, wife of Michael, and the mother of two precious little girls had a passion for the arts at a very young age. With a love for music, Kalila took piano and dance lessons throughout her school years, and continues to play the piano. She also has a flair for photography and has enjoyed taking pictures for years. She worked on graphic arts and photo touch-ups for a local photographer prior to her marriage.

Kalila has always believed in the sanctity of life, attending pro-life events and activities to take a stand. Having her own two little ones has made her even more determined to be a voice for the defenseless. She is bringing that awareness into her church and starting a Cherish Life Ministries Chapter.

Combined with her love of music and the arts, along with her desire to defend the defenseless, Artists for Life was a natural fit. Kalila believes that artists have a passion for life, the beauty of creation, and a desire to protect, embrace, and depict life. She loves the idea of artists using their talents and gifts to bring awareness of and a voice to the ultimate in creation – our little babies in their mother’s wombs.