Considered as the youngest binary prodigy in both realistic art and poetry in the recorded history. The works Akiane created at the age of eight reached and exceeded the maturity level of a seasoned artist. No other known child art prodity has ever created at the level of such sophistication as Akiane. As the worlds’ most successful visual art child prodigy, Akiane was inducted into the Richest Kids-Entrepreneurs of America, the Kids Hall Of Fame, and World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Children. “My sight cannot wait for me”, Akiane’s first original painting was sold for $10,000 USD when she was only eight.

Akiane has created over 200 published works of art and authored two best-selling books including the Akiane Kramarik Story and Biography, about her life, her art, and her poetry.









To learn more about Akiane visit www.akiane.com