Catherine Obreza Fetterman

Sierra Exif JPEG“In the spring of 2002, after many years of quietly and discreetly honoring God with my talents, I felt the Lord calling me to share the connection between my faith and my art.  It wasn’t easy at first, and truthfully, it’s still not easy for me, but I do it knowing that there are many people hurting in our midst who long to know that God is real, and that His forgiveness, mercy and love are too.

 Being a part of Artists for Life is a tremendous source of encouragement to me, and reminds me that I am not alone, that I am working in collaboration and synchronization with so many talented artists near and far in reminding people of the dignity and worth of all human life through our heart’s work.  May God continue to guide our growth, and bless the fruits of our efforts to help others, that we might raise many hearts towards Heaven through song, image, word and action.”

Catherine Obreza Fetterman   Watercolorist, Art Coach and Certified MnemeTherapist

Catherine is one of five co-founders of Artists for Life.  She has over twenty-five years experience teaching French and art to children and adults, and has received many awards for the quality of her teaching, art and volunteerism in the community.  Since opening her own art business in 1997, she has given staff development workshops to art teachers, managed a network of artist fellowship groups, organized a retreat for Christian artists, and coordinated and participated in numerous juried art shows. She studied art and French at the Institute of Art and Archeology in Paris, France, and received a BA from Smith College and an MA from Middlebury College. In the summer of 2013, she became a Certified MnemeTherapist with the Art Without Boundaries Association which trains artists nationwide in an art-based brain therapy for children and adults affected by autism, dementia, stroke and other disorders of the brain caused by illness or injury.

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