Marty Stewart

Hi, I’m Marty Stewart. l’m an Artist. I was born with a paintbrush in my mouth!
My Grandfather is also an artist.
I am pro-life: meaning I love life and I love that God created LIFE. We do not have permission to destroy LIFE.
Life is sacred, as marriage is sacred- created by our Creator (God). When you create a baby you (by God’s power and creativity….) are producing a beautiful, irreplaceable human being!!
To destroy a baby in the womb is a cardinal SIN. (a grave, serious sin) You destroy limbs, heartbeats, tears and smiles.. a tiny baby in the womb has a soul that will live forever. How dare we play God and destroy a person!!!
We have 17 grandchildren!!!
What a heavenly blessing!!
From ages 6 months to 14 yrs!
People are made in the image of: GOD
This is sacred.
Marriage reflects God’s Great Love for us…two becoming ONE – a baby is the result of 2 being ONE flesh.